Welcome to Artistic Swimming. The Artistic Swimming section of the Club is growing and is increasingly successful, competing at recreational level, regional and national championships.

Artistic Swimming wishes to grow both in size and ambition and as such bring swimmers into the sport younger, learning the basics will greatly help to achieve this. Children as young as 6 will be able to learn and when they have the skills, stamina and confidence they will be invited to join the main training squad.

Swimmers will be assessed regularly by the lead coach and progressed as and when they are ready.



Stage 8 (Artistic Swimming)

Artistic Swimming Beginner

  1. Demonstrate two stationary floating positions, one with good body extension and one tightly tucked into a mushroom float.

  2. Perform a handstand with hands on the bottom of pool, legs together and feet pointed.

  3. Demonstrate stationary eggbeater – floatation equipment may be used.

  4. Swim 5 metres using synchro backstroke (or variation), into 5 metres synchro breaststroke (or variation).

  5. Perform a back layout, scull continuously for 3 metres head first, followed by a rapid back tuck somersault.

  6. Perform the figure tub.

  7. Perform a sequence individually, in pairs or in a group, using a variety of skills (minimum of three) learnt previously and in this stage.

Stage 9 (Artistic Swimming)

Artistic Swimming Intermediate

  1. Perform a handstand with hands on the bottom of pool and back against the wall of the pool demonstrating a vertical line.

  2. Perform a back layout into a bent knee position and back to back layout – floatation equipment may be used (bottles).

  3. Scull continuously in a back layout position for 3 metres feet first, followed by a 180 degrees tub and a rapid back tuck somersault.

  4. Perform the figure oyster.

  5. Perform 3 metres synchro breaststroke (or variation) with a smooth transition into eggbeater travelling sideways for 3 metres.

  6. Perform an entry from the poolside, surface the water on the back, perform 3 metres using synchro backstroke.

  7. Perform a sequence individually, in pairs or in a group using a variety of skills (minimum of five) from this stage or from Learn to Swim Stage 8

  8. Synchro, to include at least one stroke, eggbeater and one figure.

Stage 10 (Artistic Swimming)

Artistic Swimming Advanced

  1. Perform a stationary handstand or vertical holding the side of the pool, back against the wall with good extension.

  2. Perform the figure ballet leg with floatation equipment or use of pool side to support horizontal leg.

  3. Perform the figure back tuck somersault.

  4. Swim 5 metres using straight arm backstroke synchronised with a partner. Music may be used.

  5. Demonstrate support scull standing on bottom of the pool.

  6. Perform a stationary back layout for five seconds, into sculling head first moving into bent knee, followed by a rapid ballet leg into a rapid back tuck somersault.

  7. Perform a sequence individually, in pairs or in a group starting with an entry from poolside using a variety of skills (minimum of eight) from this stage or from Learn to Swim Stage 8 or 9 Synchro. Include at least two strokes, travelling sculling, eggbeater; a fast figure and a controlled figure.

Age Groups Competition

Competitive Artistic Swimming

Our competitive artistic swimming team is headed by ex-national head coach for Singapore. Through our programme, swimmers from age 7 to young adults are able to compete on a local, regional and national level.

28º Aquatic is a competitive artistic swimming club that aims to give swimmers every opportunity to develop their skills and fitness so that they can reach their potential as swimmers and all-round sportspeople. Due to the nature of the sport, it requires a lot of dedication to reach your potential and we would expect this commitment from swimmers who want to join the programme.

We are a competitive artistic swimming club and therefore expect commitment to not only the training but also to Galas which maybe at different locations or outside the country depending on the level the swimmers reach.