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Test Match at Negeri Sembilan

Our youthful 13U boy's water polo team headed to Malaysia for an unforgettable experience. They traveled and played against the Negeri Sembilan team, consisting of boys and girls with age ranging from10-17.

MARCH 13 -- Thanks to unwavering support of the parents, the 13U boys managed to travel to Seremban after a week of communication and coordination of the logistics. The boys are extremely excited to be playing against an overseas water polo club after few months without competition.

The 13 boys consist of Leon(Goalie), Xavier, Kaellen, Justin, Ryan V, Rhys, Dyllen, Coen, Matthew, Ryan & Jonathan, and all of them have dedicated the past week preparing for games against our neighbour. Building on a successful offseason of swimming and shooting practices, the boys endured some tough swim sets in the CCAB pool and continued to improve their team dynamic on defense and offense.

The coaches emphasised on successful shooting under pressure, re-familiarizing with defensive formations, and above all effective communication. The excitement among the team and coaching staff is palpable, and for many of them this will be their first water polo opportunity overseas. Beyond enjoying the long bus ride and travelling with their families, the boys are looking forward to gain valuable experiences from this trip.

Upon reaching the pool, the parents, coaches and the boys were given a warm reception by the host team. They were happy to see our boys and vice-versa. Our boys put up commendable performances against the host team. However, some of the younger boys struggled with the cold water condition but they persevered throughout. The coaches were encouraged by their progress. We hope through this experience, the boys will continue to mature into better players for the future. Our coaches from 28º AQUATIC would like to extend our sincere appreciation to the Negeri Sembilan Team for hosting us and we hope to establish a long lasting friendship together.

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